Within our Hoststreak Online Control Panel you will see a user friendly Site Builder application, that can be used to create your new website. Our Website Builder incorporates more than a hundred distinct design themes, found in different color choices, that you could personalize to your preference. In order to make a brand new website, you won’t need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or some other backend language. All you need to understand is how to work with the straightforward manager in the Site Builder. It can be used to swiftly develop brand–new web pages, update their information, insert brand new components to your website and even more.

An Easy–to–navigate Site Builder

No programming knowledge is required

When you utilize an application to design your web site, it is important that the application is easy to work with. That is why, we integrated the Web–site Builder inside the Online Control Panel. It’s truly simple–to–use and will allow you to construct your site with merely a mouse click.

You could craft webpages, maintain their contents and incorporate new components with a simple–to–operate manager. If you have employed a CMS, a web app or perhaps a text editing application, then you’ll already understand how to make use of the Web–site Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Assorted Site Templates

More than a hundred site templates free for download

Hoststreak’s Website Builder tool contains a collection of over one hundred particular website templates. They’re created to address the most common forms sites – blogs, private sites, portfolios, web shops etc. Our 100% free themes arrives with diverse color opportunities as well as 2 distinct layout types.

At any moment, you can easily switch the template of your web site with a brand new one, or modify the color setup. All of the web pages you have created are going to be stored and your site will be refreshed with the design in minutes.

Multiple Website Templates