A backup of a site is a copy of its content, that's kept on some other hosting server and may be restored if something happens. This feature is very efficient, given that you cannot know if a script update will not go wrong or if you won't erase something by mistake - a file, a folder, a database entry, and so on. When your Internet site is backed up, it may be restored the way it was prior to when the problem appeared, so there shall not be any damage, or at least it shall be very little, depending on the particular situation. Keeping backups on your personal computer isn't very feasible, due to the fact that you would have to do it at least once every day and you could still lose info if your last backup is not recent enough. In this light, you'll have to rely on your website hosting company, so you ought to double-check their policy on the backups, because some providers generate backups only once each week, which will do no good if something wrong happens with a site that's being used and updated all of the time, like an online store, for instance.
Daily Data Back-up in Cloud Web Hosting
Because we recognize how critical your website data is, we keep day-to-day backups of all your files and databases, so in case anything bad happens, the website can be restored just the way it was. What is more, we create no less than four different backups every single day, so what will be restored shall be almost identical with, if not exactly the same as, what you had before. You'll be able to look at the backups right through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel and see on what day and at what hour they were created. Then you could simply copy the content to the live site folder. Additionally, you can contact us and we will restore the backup from the needed date for you. We keep backups no matter which cloud web hosting you've chosen, so you'll never have to be concerned about losing any part of your web content.
Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our system creates a full copy of the files and databases in every semi-dedicated server account set up on our cutting-edge web hosting platform, so if you host your websites with us, you will never have to worry about data loss, especially having in mind that the backup copies are produced not less than 4 times every day and are kept for a minimum of 1 week. Restoring the content will take no more than a few minutes and may be completed in two ways. The first one is to open a support ticket with this request, revealing from which date you would like the backup to be restored. The other way is to restore the content on your own, as the backups are available in the File Manager section of the Control Panel and you can browse them freely to see what each folder features. All it requires to restore a backup is to copy the contents of the backup folder to the domain folder. You'll be able to see the timestamp for every single backup in the account, so you can use the one you need.